Are you feeling hotter than usual? The relentless heat wave is taking a toll on our health and it’s leaving us dehydrated and famished. The heat index is climbing unbearable levels. As per the scientists at IMD and Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, the average heat index in India is increasing by 0.56 degrees Celsius every decade.

There are some serious repercussions of the heat wave. Heat stroke, heat cramps, extreme exhaustion and fatigue are some of the ill effects of the soaring temperature. The perspiration, pollution and heat are a deadly combination that can take a toll on your health. There are viral, skin and respiratory diseases on the rise with the cruel summers. You should totally take charge of your health. Be careful before stepping out and you must be cautious about what you consume.

Since the longest time, we have carried with us the knowledge of summer appropriate foods and winter appropriate foods. Some of the them are clearly myths. For example, many people wrongly believe that honey should not be consumed in summers. Consuming honey is as cool as feeding on ice creams in summers. It can keep you cool and keep you away from allergies. Honey contains a whole lot of enzymes and anti-bacterial properties, which is why it makes a wonderful summer food. It is of utmost importance that you keep yourself hydrated during the summer months and honey is known to hydrate you instantly. It also boosts energy and helps you through endurance activities through the day. The best thing about honey is that you can consume it at any time and with a variety of foods. You can top it over your breakfast cereal or spread it on your toast. For that perfect taste of honey at breakfast time, try the irresistible Nature’s Nectar honey. It does not contain any added sugar and makes an excellent replacement compared to unhealthy and sugary soda drinks.

Get ready to delight your taste buds this summer with Nature’s Nectar.

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