Trends show that Indian children are increasingly getting obese and the summer holidays is the worst time to pile on unnecessary weight. Most of the kids, due to the high temperature, stay indoors and have an increased screen time. Boredom also makes them overeat junk food and sugary foods. There is an easy availability of greasy, cheesy, buttery and unhealthy foods that is instantly gratifying. The harsh summers months are a time when kids feel low on energy and tend to guzzle down harmful and sugary beverages. Even if they step out to play in the heat, children feel famished and dehydrated as the temperature in the evenings is also quite high. The exhausted kids tend to reach out for quick, easy and unhealthy food and beverage options to feel reenergized.

There is an increased tendency to order for instant foods that clearly don’t add any nutritional value to the kids’ diet or health but make them heavier.

You might have heard your pediatrician recommend that you shouldn’t store unhealthy foods at home if you wish to keep the kids away from them. So out go the chips, colas, candies and chocolates – in the dustbin.

You still need something fulfilling to suffice the kids’ sweet tooth and replenish them instantly. We have a solution. Give them a spoon or more of the refreshing and pure Nature’s Nectar honey to please their taste buds. The super food will not only delight their taste buds but also might help them stay away from summer diseases. Honey has anti-oxidants, enzymes and essential vitamins and minerals to help them combat allergies that are looming large in the summer months.

The best thing about honey is that you can add a dollop of honey on top of any food or fruit to make it more delicious, interesting and tempting. Even if you’re travelling during the kids’ summer break, you can pack away a bottle of Nature’s Nectar honey that is available in different sizes to suit different requirements.

Most importantly, kids emulate their elders. They listen to you less and tend to observe what you’re do much more. So, you must inculcate healthy eating habits yourself so your children have the right example to follow.

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