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Q. What is the best way to store honey?
A. The best way to store honey is to keep it in a cool and dark place. It is not recommended to store honey in a refrigerator.
Q. What can we do if honey Crystallise?
A. Honey tends to Crystallise. The best way to turn the honey into liquid again is to either put it in the sun or in warm water. Do not melt honey in the microwave.
Q. Does honey have an expiry date?
A. If stored properly in an airtight container and away from moisture, honey can last indefinitely. However due to regulations, there is a requirement for honey to carry best before/expiry date.
Q. Is honey fattening?
A. 100% pure honey contains carbohydrates derived from Natural sugars and it doesn’t contain fat or cholesterol. Thus, it is not fattening. In fact, pure honey is believed to help in weight management.
Q. What are the health benefits of honey?
A. Honey has a number of health benefits and tastes great. You can check the innumerous health benefits here.
Q. What are the ingredients in honey?
A. Nature’s Nectar contains 100% pure honey and nothing else. It is sourced from the best bee farms across the country to be a part of your daily food habit.
Q. Can heating honey be harmful?
A. Natural enzymes that are present in honey can get destroyed when exposed to high temperature for a very long period of time. Therefore, it is recommended to store honey in a dry and cool place, and not cook or heat directly.
Q. Can I replace sugar with honey?
A. Health conscious people can easily replace honey for sugar. A sachet of Nature’s Nectar honey is much healthier compared to a teaspoon of sugar.
Q. Can children consume honey?
A. Yes, children should consume honey. However, honey is not recommended for children below one year of age.

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