Presenting honey as it should be

Nature’s Nectar is meticulously collected, inspected and carefully packed in differently sized pet and glass bottles that are available in various sizes for different needs.


Meant for the biggies

Restaurants, hotels and cafeterias can procure the 1 kg bottle to fulfill a higher demand.

500 grams

Bigger bottle for bigger smiles

The natural goodness of honey packed in this convenient bottle that can be part of your daily meal.

250 grams

Not just honey. It’s a bottle of happiness.

Unlock the goodness of nature with premium honey packed in convenient bottle. The sweet and lingering taste of honey will leave you craving for more.

15 grams sachets

It’s a small wonder

Available in single pack with 10 sachets

Convenient, non messy, easy to carry and single use.

150 grams / 400 grams

Not just honey. It’s Organic Honey.

The Organic Honey is a miracle food that offers enzymes, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins like no other honey type. Source of instant energy.

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